Qprel srl
Qualità nella PRogettazione ELettronica


We now that your idea is important for you, therefor provide you service to simplify your activity so that you can concentrate your creativity only on your core business.


  • Research and development

Updating the company know-how is the secret to provide solution with balanced benefit and cost. Thanks to the collaboration with Italian and Euoropean research groups can suggest the right way toward a rapid product development.

  • Consulting

Starting from the idea and following the project up to its realization, we can support you in any phase.

  • Project management

Help our customers to create stategic inprovements in theri projects.

  • Documentation

We produce very detailed and exhaustive documentation to walk safely on their legs.

  • Training

We offer specialized course and service to allow to manage and eventualli improve the final product.

  • Tecnical Assistance

We will stay near during all the phase of project and beyond with our professionality and experience.