Qprel accompanies you in the research, consultancy, design and maintenance of your solution.

We know how much you care about your idea, so we offer you services that can simplify your business, allowing you to focus only on the core business. In this way we support the entire life cycle of the product itself, accompanying you in the various phases.

Research and development

The continuous updating of the company know-how is the key to being able to propose tailor-made solutions for the customer, in order to balance innovation-time-costs. Thanks to the continuous collaboration with Italian and European research institutions, it allows us to direct the customer towards the solution that best suits his needs.


Starting from the initial idea and following the project up to its realization, in perfect synergy with the know-how of your company.

Project management

We help our clients make strategic changes and create value in the very nature of the project.


Produce exhaustive documentation to put the customer in the conditions to be able to proceed in complete autonomy.


We offer specialized services in the areas of interest, sharing and studying the most relevant aspects together with the customer.


We never leave you alone. The acquired know-how allows us to follow all the phases following the production with expert and qualified personnel.